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Brexit – Nothing to be afraid of

In business, you must expect the storms. So for those who plan for the UK being forever in the EU and there been no recession, its time to pull your socks up and grow up, its those who plan to survive the hard times that will reap the good times!

Pro’s of Brexit

We agree that most of Brexit is about the UK loss of power since the fall of the Empire, and trying to get that political smugness back again.

However, a country desciding its own destiny will lead to a positive market in the long run, as the EU is set on a credit dependent course that it may not be able to weather the next storm.

Patriotism in business will lead to a bullishness where timidity may rule before, and for those willing to adapt, that presents opportunity.

Should Ireland Leave?

A united Ireland would beĀ  fantastic thing, but within a political EU its a silly prospect.

Whether within or without of the EU, it will being economic trials, and like the UK facing leaving the EU, the patriotic will prosper if they have good business sense as well as a stout heart.