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Cool PV Power, while heating your home?

The latest innovation that we have come across is Granard firm Elite Energy importing a French made solar panel that makes PV and delivers hot air to the home.


There have been a number of designs trying to do that, but this is the first commercial version, with an Irish installer.

Whats even more intriguing is the Heat Battery – the air heated by putting cold air on the bottom of the PV panel goes to a storage box, changing a substance to a solid form, storing the heat.

When the temperature drops, this melts, and releases the heat.

Thats the theory anyway. How well it works? I don’t know. How much it costs we are trying to find out.

And all from a visionary firm from lovely Longford… and why not!


Elite Energy, Granard

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Elon Musk brings worlds biggest Battery to Australia

The worlds biggest battery for energy storage has been installed in Australia, and commissioned by Elon Musk. We would expect nothing less from this man, as he blazes the way forward for the future, as the energy market will need storage during peak production times to meet peak demand times, as the two rarely match up.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, bet his reputation on building the battery in 100 days.

Its quite a story, how a tech giant made a promise, and a globally obscure state politician took him up on it, and did he deliver!

We wish all energy companies were like TESLA, and all politicians were like Weatherill



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New York Times >>>

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Solar Panels on Tick – Making Domestic Renewables Affordable in Ireland

Its all well and good promoting solar energy, but the cost is still a factor, and the grants given out are often swallowed by the premium firms put up to match.

So its good to see a number of firms are doing a install now and pay by installments package.

It takes one element of the new build off the immediate must pay list, but how it will affect credit rating is unknown, or will the fact the homeowners are maxed out with the mortgage affect how they can access the credit for the solar panels.

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Central Project (Dublin / Tullamore)

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Aquion Acquired – but are not standing by their old stock and customers

We were very sad and surprised to see our favourite battery firm Aquion go under early in 2017, and delighted to see them acquired and back on the market, but sad to see and surprised in a bad way that they are not standing by their old stock and customers.

Aquion Batteries - Not standing by former customers and products - no way to do business
Aquion Batteries – Not standing by former customers and products – no way to do business [SOURCE]

Aquion are a great firm – their salt water battery shows mighty promise, is as eco freindly as batteries get, and dont break the bank into the bargain.

Research and development strains and breaks a lot of firlms, and Aquion went under, making folk wonder about their guarantees. But what can you do, it was a temporary filing pending new ownership, which duly arrived.

The Tech Phoenix arose, same product and name, new backers and managament. Production moving to China to spite Donald Trumps ranting of bringing American jobs home, non of this an issue for the consumer.

But not standing by their old products is.

Aquion Batteries - Technology for the Future
Aquion Batteries – Technology for the Future
The battery, from what we hear, is a very stable one, but does have a quick fall off in power delivery relative to the charge. The charge however can dip below 10% – though we do not reccomend doing that to any battery this is designed to take it – and planning a system around these batteries should be done with a heavy draw on them, so you are delivering enough power even though you may be in a state of discharge.

We hope they have a rethink of their policy, as it will make folk not trust them in future, which could kill what is a fantastic product.